real people . with real lives . looking for real answers . from a real God
I'm new to Crossroads - What will it be like?

When you come in you will be greeted by friendly people and handed something we call a “bulletin”. In it will be a list of upcoming events that are taking place here at Crossroads. On the edge of the bulletin is a tear off portion that we call the “Welcome Card”. Sometime during the service you can fill it out so we have a record of your attendance. Don’t be afraid to fill it out, it will not put you on some endless mailing list and we will not fill up your mailbox with piles of junk mail. After the service if you take your Welcome Card to the Welcome Table, you will get a free gift (cookies) as our way of saying thank you for coming to Crossroads. At the Welcome Table you also may ask any question about Crossroads or pick up some materials about our church and some of the activities we do.

If you have children we have an excellent Children’s program called Adventure Land. For ages 0 - 2 we have a nursery, called “Sleepers and Creepers”.  Ages 3 - first grade attend a Sunday School style class called "Rompers and Stompers". All of our staff have had background checks.  They are trained, caring, and loving volunteers that care for your children while you are in the service. You will register your child and be given a card that will allow only you to pick them up. If there is an event that needs your attention a number will appear on the screens in the auditorium corresponding with the number on your card. If you are not comfortable with leaving your children in Adventure Land you are welcome to take them with you into the main service. For children 2nd grade - 5th grade we have a Children’s Church called "Jumpers and Thumpers". Here they will join other children their age for an age appropriate service that will teach them, and hold their attention, led by our caring volunteers. A greeter or the Welcome Center staff can direct you to the nursery or the Children's Church room.

At Crossroads we do not have a dress code, so you will find people in casual as well as business attire in our service. When you get to the auditorium just sit back and enjoy the service. We will not single you out, make you publicly introduce yourself or embarrass you in anyway. The music will be a mix of modern music as well as some older favorites and will not be too loud.  There will be a prayer time where we take our needs to God. At that time some people might go forward to pray about special needs and you would be welcome to join them if you are comfortable to do so. There will be nothing weird or shocking happening so you can breathe easy. Pastor Dan’s messages will be about topics that affect us every day and will be relevant and easy to understand.

Our goal is to help you and your family in your spiritual journey any way we can because after all we are just; real people, with real lives, looking for real answers, from a real God. At Crossroads we say,
“Welcome Home”.