real people . with real lives . looking for real answers . from a real God

It is our desire at Crossroads to connect with God through vibrant worship. This worship is full of life and excitement and joy. We are joyful about our Creator. We worship him in reverence as well as excitement. It's good to be excited about God. We can be loud and feel our hearts touched by Him. We can be soft and get into the Spirit also. We praise God from the rooftops and we take time to quiet our hearts and truly worship Him in closeness. Join us as we commune with God in vibrant worship.


Are you interested in helping lead others into vibrant worship? Do you play an instrument? Do you have a great voice? Then we would love to hear from you. Whether you haven't set foot in a church for twenty years or you are a twenty-year church veteran, we would love to see you use your talents for God. If you play an instrument of any kind or you love singing, contact us. We might have a spot reserved just for you on our worship team.

If you are interested, drop an email to us at or call the church office at 605.342.3873.
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